Thanks to our team of hardware engineers (electronics and mechanical) and programmers, along with our well-equipped service and measurement laboratory, Instrumenta provides fast and reliable servicing of industrial and laboratory equipment.

In addition to replacing specific problematic parts, we also upgrade with better components when possible, and we strive to address any other potential issues we encounter. Besides servicing, we offer custom fabrication of mechanical parts and printed circuit boards as needed, allowing for the enhancement of existing instruments/machines with new electronics, sensors, mechanical components, or the addition of new functionalities.

Servis stampanih ploca

Industrial machine servicing

Specialized servicing of industrial machines, controllers, CNC machines, and NC machines. Retrofitting older machines and manufacturing printed circuit boards as spare parts.

servis industrijskih masina

Laboratory equipment servicing

Non-medical laboratory equipment servicing - equipment for industrial, research, and academic laboratories.

Servis laboratorijske opreme
IGBT module breakdown
Servis ploča
Serial fault troubleshooting on heat pump boards
Servis ploča
Connector replacement on boards and board cleaning
Servis štampanih ploča
Printed circuit board (PCB) servicing
servis stampanih ploca