3D modelling and technical documentation

Service of 3D modeling based on drawings or existing parts/products, reverse engineering of components, as well as product development tracking through 3D models and drawings.

"We use industry-standard software for creating 3D models, and upon the client's request, we export the models in all available formats (STEP, IGES, STL, etc.)."

Complete technical and manufacturing mechanical documentation preparation for products and individual components. Creation of cutting lists for planar parts, as well as preparing models and drawings for CNC machining.

3D modelovanje
3D model of an electric motorcycle frame

Drawings based on 3D models

Based on the 3D models, further drawings can be generated for technical documentation and workshop drawings for part manufacturing.

For workshop drawings, we create drawings of assemblies, sub-assemblies, individual parts, as well as welding drawings.

In addition to technical drawings, we also offer assembly drawings and instructions that accompany the product and guide the end-user in the assembly process after delivery.

3D model
3D model
3D model i crtež
Technical drawing and the produced component
3D modelovanje