Thanks to new 3D printing technologies, high-quality and rapid part printing is available for your company, factory, laboratory, or workshop, made to order. Depending on whether you have a finished model, just a drawing, or an idea, we will assist you in bringing your printing project to life. A wide range of materials allows adaptation to various environmental conditions.

3D štampani delovi

In addition to rapid production of specific plastic parts, we also utilize 3D printing in equipment servicing. Creating these parts enables quick issue resolution, avoiding long waits for expensive spare parts.

3D štampani rezervni deo
3D printed spare part
3D print poklopca konektora
Cable connector cover holder
3D print osovine za mašinu
Shaft/holder for rubber roller
3D print prototipa konektora baterije
Battery connection prototype

Serial production 3D printing

In addition to prototyping, having a farm of identical 3D printers allows us to achieve rapid and consistent printing of a large number of parts in a short period.

Serijska 3D štampa
Sorted 3D printed parts ready for delivery

Combining 3D printing with other manufacturing technologies

Due to certain advantages, 3D printed parts are often combined with components manufactured using conventional methods such as milling or turning. This combination can be optimal in various situations, leading to time and cost savings, eliminating the need for plastic injection molding tooling. Our advantage lies in the ability to offer all these solutions in one place.

3D štampa i obrada metala
3D printed brackets and aluminum adapters manufactured on a lathe